Pivoting is very hard mainly because it requires change management, which means product management, and changes in your life and general habits.

Change management is one of the more frustrating aspects of being an entrepreneur, especially, if you don’t have a good system for managing your product or business, it can truly become a nightmare.

Change management is one of those skills that are extremely important and undervalued; imagine having to re-align your team and then informing them that they must learn a new language, or learn a new process or making sure a lead programmer or officer understands that their requirements have been suddenly altered.

In our experience, most people hide from change because it’s stressful. To you it could mean, new relationships, new tasks, starting work at a different time, increased workload or using a new database.

In fact, change is one of the main contributors to most start-ups failure.

Good Change Management

-Leadership support (This will always be a requirement)

-Alignment of company culture (Make change part of your companies culture)

-Communication systems (Visible to everyone)

-Continuous support (From change leaders, until habits, are formed)

-Consistent feedback (From people who are most affected by change)

-Continuous support (From leadership on the organizations)

Good change management means less friction between staff, more sleep and most important fewer surprises and more consistency.

Bad Change Management

-Lack of leadership (Leadership not making change a priority)

-Continuous support (Who is reinforcing what you’ve learned?)

-No feedback (How is your team adjusting to the workload? what changes are working?)

-Poor planning (Poor planning produces inconsistency and wasted time)

-Bad culture (Bad cultures are resistant to change, and have wrong priorities)

Bad change management can leave you mentally exhausted, burn you out and worse of all unproductive.



Change management is an art form, which few start-ups understand let alone emphasize. Unfortunately, change management has a lot to do with experience and organization for both problem and solution. Planning for change management is your best bet.

Best Regards,

Upropos Team


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