Well, it definitely happened we’ve had to change our business model for the better, which means our core strategy must change to support our new business activities.

We’ve been working on this concept for over a year now and at times things have been great, dull and straight up nerve racking as we’ve attempted to bring our business model to life.

While our business model does work, we need highly experienced skill set (+10 years), a ton of money close to a million, and some licenses.

So a couple of months ago we have been re-engaging in digital currencies, (I the C.E.O used to be in that industry a couple of years ago and it wasn’t kind to me so I left).

Things have changed though, but I’ve (C.E.O) recently been following digital currencies a lot more.

Our business model is fin-tech based.

A couple of years ago I (C.E.O) wasn’t very knowledgeable about the financial environment or types of organizations that exist or even how they make money.

Now… things are different and I (C.E.O) have a greater understanding of the financial environment; combine that with my understanding of bitcoin & digital currencies and we have a solid opportunity on our hands.

For me the (C.E.O) I believe you always need to have an understanding of where you’re headed in life, start-ups are no different, when you don’t know where your headed things get really scary.

Our pivot has officially begun and we are reforming, changing the very nature of our business model.

See our “Phoenix” previous post for more perspective. http://wp.me/p7nLu1-4v

Best Regards,

Upropos Team


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