Well, It’s official we have recently been defeated by Canada’s regulation.

So the reason why I decided to include Phoenix in the title is simple.

We are going to pivot and be reborn, we are changing our business model.

I don’t want to disclose exactly how we are going to change, but I’m very confident in the direction we are headed. I’ve already done a ton of research and have a new business model in mind to hopefully plug most of the regulatory challenges that we’ve had to deal with.

Overall the model we currently have will change and it may be unrecognizable in the end, but we aren’t giving up.

A Phoenix doesn’t die they are only reborn a new.

We will be reborn, you can guarantee that; it will take about 2 days maximum to change the business model and couple more to test the viability of the new concept.

So to summarize- We need to pivot our business model to something less restrictive due to challenging regulation we face in Canada.

In my perspective, this shouldn’t take that long as I’ve gotten a real feel for the industry.

I’ll also be following up with a post this week on the importance of RESEARCH and why it’s so important.

Yours Truly,

Upropos Team




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