So following my last blog post about it being the end of our start-up. We had a meeting yesterday both of us co-founders.

It went something like this…

So I’ve been doing research and I found out our business model has compliance issues…

What can we do about it?

Well, we are going to have to change our business model…

What! I don’t believe that’s a viable solution.

Well, I’m not building and testing a new revenue model. Forget THAT!

I have a better idea.

What is this better idea?

Simple our business model won’t work in most western economies because of Canadas amazing financial policy, instead, let’s take advantage of different economies…

Well in the coming few days there will be an opportunity to network with government officials and investors of a foreign economy; so we are going to get our pitch right and begin applying to as many accelerators as possible.

The good thing though is we do have a backup plan for a new business that’s in an entirely new industry, new market/geographic location in I.O.T.

And I’ve already begun the sales process for that.


Best Regards,

Team Upropos



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