Times are getting difficult…

Currently, we are in a situation with compliance, though it’s not something we didn’t expect to happen,  we just believed that we could possibly squeeze through or find some sort of loophole, which in my experience is the case with every industry I’ve been in.

But fin-tech….

Combined with my unfamiliarity of the industry with ever-tightening regulation it’s causing us to have fits! We are in a really tight spot right now.

They’re is a pivot going to happen soon, which direction we’ll have to keep you up to date with that. Just know that we could pivot to the start-up graveyard as well.

The companies operating in the space are massive and there are a hand full of key players.

What we need right now is to sit down with a mentor or someone with industry knowledge who can make magic with us.

Wish Us Luck,

Upropos Team



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