Comply or Else

Comply or Else

Times are getting difficult…

Currently, we are in a situation with compliance, though it’s not something we didn’t expect to happen,  we just believed that we could possibly squeeze through or find some sort of loophole, which in my experience is the case with every industry I’ve been in.

But fin-tech….

Combined with my unfamiliarity of the industry with ever-tightening regulation it’s causing us to have fits! We are in a really tight spot right now.

They’re is a pivot going to happen soon, which direction we’ll have to keep you up to date with that. Just know that we could pivot to the start-up graveyard as well.

The companies operating in the space are massive and there are a hand full of key players.

What we need right now is to sit down with a mentor or someone with industry knowledge who can make magic with us.

Wish Us Luck,

Upropos Team



Long Weekend & Missed Posts

Long Weekend & Missed Posts

Long Weekend Thoughts

I don’t like long weekends in a start-up it messes with your pipeline and your execution, not to mention everyone wants to party!

This week has been very great! We got a lot of clarification on our market through research and working with some of our hidden customers.

Believe it or not, we are still attempting to find product-market fit, which is actually one of the biggest challenges start-ups face. Fortunately, I’ve found an extremely helpful UI/UX book with the best questions to ask.

Creating and replicating your revenue model is extremely challenging and it gets even harder if you aren’t confident in yourself, confidence is key!

Asking your customers the right questions to gain insight is heaven, not speaking with your market is death.

This is even more challenging with financial technology.

Finishing Up

I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel; we are so close I can taste it we just need to focus and turn up!

I also missed a post last week so I’ll try to make the next post interesting.

Best Regards,

Mario Mclaughlin



Last Week Today

Last Week Today

So I was supposed to be posting last week’s blog on Sundays but, it’s a lot more convenient to blog during the week as Sunday’s for most people even start-ups is a rest day.

Last week was a great one my co-founder and I decided that we would launch our M.V.P this week but, unfortunately, that didn’t work out; we have so many things that need to be done.

We are now creating our go-to-market strategy and finishing up on our landing page and completing some editing and that’s it!

Last week we also met with one of our advisors from college, he told me a lot of things about what the next step should be and believe me I listened closely.

One thing we did find out last week was more legal problems that have to be dealt with.

Last weeks overall mood is comparable to coffee.

#We got the jitters

We’ll see what happens…

Best Regards,

Upropos Team