Quick Update

Quick Update

This will be a quick update as nothing major happened this week.

  • Weekly Positives- Getting a lot of work done fine tuning the platform. Met with co-founder and agreed on a new company direction. Confidence is building.
  • Weekly Exhausting- Realistically everyday is tiring, but making flowcharts is another story.
  • Up & Coming- Hopefully we’ll have some special news at the end of the week and updates.



Weeks like this…

Weeks like this…

I was going to show you the new page we’ve completed, poof!

This has been a very difficult week we’ve been trying to get everything rite on our platform. I’ve made a number of changes only to accidentally delete everything. I was working on a page for 3 hours and accidentally pressed the delete button on one of the pages.

I always need to save everything in the original state before I change anything or delete it.

Start-up grind is difficult as I want to launch, but we are nowhere near ready to do so.

Focusing is also taking its tole as I need to plan, lead, control, organize I’m mentally getting tired and frustrated with the lack of growth, but another week is here and with that, we have another opportunity #staying #positive #strong.


Best Regards,


Team Upropos

More About Us

FeaturedMore About Us

So here’s how we came into existence. It started with a meeting of college friends.

Me failing at a past start-up in the financial technology industry. And my partner climbing the corporate ladder. We met one day in a coffee shop just hanging out 2 friends.

My friend in Finance pitched me on a crowdfunding concept.

I thought about it for a minute…  I then told him I’d need 6 months, provided it’s legally possible.


He went to school for financial economics at York University.

The key decisions we had to make was regarding if our concept was legally possible. This meant creating a simple pitch deck and finding an appropriate lawyer who specializes in finance. So I set up a meeting with a financial lawyer of a reputable law firm and he approved our concept, which is when my eyes began to light up as I felt the hardest part of our start-up was behind us. I was wrong about it being the hardest part, but I have to do 2 months of research in an attempt to find competitors.

That’s how it all began…

We are a 2 man team I have a background in start-ups and my co-founder has a finance background. Our web developer is a friend of mine he’s not officially on the Upropos team, but that could change.

Best Regards,

Mario Mclaughlin

What is start-up magic?

What is start-up magic?

Start-up magic is when your researching government regulation related to your start-up. And suddenly the government passes a law, which provides you with first movers advantage.


When we were conducting our research on Upropos. About a month in the government past what’s called the “crowdfunding exception”. This was the factor that transformed our perception of what Upropos could be and provided us with confidence that we need.

Opportunity meets execution.