Been A While (Update)

Been A While (Update)

We haven’t posted anything since July 2016! Man was that a long time ago. A number of things have happened since then both positive and negative.

I like to start with the negative.

  • We failed to attract any new businesses until September 2016
  • Navigating multi-sided markets is challenging
  • Blew some money on a web developer, that simply didn’t work out
  • Money is extremely tight!
  • Venture Capitalists are throwing my concept in the “you know where” (Garbage).
  • Getting extremely difficult to balance start-up and work life
  • Tension between us co-founders is beginning to show
  • Need to build out our board of directors


The positive

  • We’ve got a number of customers interested and a couple of sign ups
  • Blew money on a developer friend and things are rolling! (Still needs work, though)
  • Venture capitalists are throwing my concept in the garbage (I know repeat)
  • We have been getting steady feedback from businesses and users
  • We’ve pivoted a # of times since we first started and added features
  • A VC came along and gave me some hope

We still have a lot of key decisions to make regarding the future of Upropos!